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Press Release: Straight Talk Counseling Center in Orange County Announces New Executive Director

Media Advisory: For Immediate Release

March 16, 2020

Dear STC employees,

I, along with the Board of Directors, am very pleased to announce your new Executive Director, Dr. Roberta Cone.  Dr. Cone comes to us as a successful administrative professional with over 17 years in nonprofit management.   I know most of you had contact with her in her former role as Program Director at Gerry House.  In that capacity she, along with the Gerry House staff, successfully rolled us into the new Drug Medical contract required by the state of California.   In her new assignment as Executive Director, Dr. Cone will oversee Gerry House, La Mirada and South Coast Metro counseling centers.  We are excited about the positive direction occurring in mental health both locally and nationally and believe STC is well positioned to help in the challenge of bringing greater mental health to those who have little to no access. 


Dr. Cone’s extensive experience in leading the development and delivery of behavioral health programs adds strength to our existing team at STC.  She carries a message of hope, help, commitment, enthusiasm and compassion to clients and their families.  Under her direction, Dr. Cone ensures that clients will continue to experience the highest standard of care while fulfilling quality requirements.  This balance helps STC continue to maintain its reputation for excellence as it grows and expands the services we bring to clients.     

 I will remain as an STC board member supporting Dr. Cone and all of your exciting efforts.  


 I feel privileged to have worked alongside many of you and continue to be impressed by your talent, dedication, compassion, integrity and straightforward communication.  These qualities embody the values that have been and continue to be the legacy of STC.  Research shows that the most successful teams are those whose voices and opinions differ and the best solutions arise when teams can listen to this disparate input.  I am proud to see that quality emerge in STC and all of you.  I have seen your talent, heard your great ideas, and if we persevere in listening to each other, I am confident new opportunities will continue to come forth.  Please know that I will persist in serving and supporting in whatever capacity is needed, according to your new commander and chief…Dr. Roberta Cone.

Please help me in welcoming Dr. Cone as your new Executive Director. 

Again, thank you for the service and dedication I experienced with each and every one of you.  I am immensely grateful and humbled.  It has been my great honor.

With deepest respect,

Janine Schroth, PhD

Former Executive Director

Board Member, STC


About Straight Talk Counseling Center Headquartered in Orange County, Straight Talk Counseling has offered affordable, high-quality counseling and prevention services to the community since it was founded in 1971. Over the last 49 years, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of individuals in need.   

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