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Client Guide to Using Telehealth


Before your Session

In order to be able to seek help if needed, your therapist will need to confirm

your physical location at the beginning of the session.

Also, because of licensing regulations, you need to be physically located in

California at the time of your session.

Creating Confidential Space

You will need to participate in creating an appropriate space for your telebehavioral health services. The more comfortable you feel in the space the more successful your session will be.

If you have a hard time finding confidential space, here are some examples that others have used. These are not ideal, but should be considered secondary choices if an ideal setup is not available. If you use any of these, please make sure that the space is comfortable to you.

• Laundry Room

• Walk-In-Closet

• Your car parked in safe, private spot. (We want to emphasize that private does not mean secluded. Please do make sure you are in a safe location.)

What Devices You can Use

• A laptop or desktop computer are ideal but tablets and phones will also work— preferably the biggest screen size that you have available to you (that you can also have in a comfortable, confidential space.)

• Headphones or earbuds can help reduce or eliminate echo (in addition to ensuring that your therapist’s voice is only audible to you.)

• To avoid disruption, please  make sure that whatever device you use, that it is fully charged or plugged in. 

• Please make sure that you are well lit and don’t have a light source directly behind you or you will appear too dark.

Your Internet

If using WiFi it is strongly recommended that the network you are on is password protected for your privacy. Be sure to move your computer as close as you can to your WiFi router. Or better yet — plug your computer into the router with an ethernet cable. This would allow for the maximum level of security and lower the likelihood of technical connection issues during session.


How to Join a Teletherapy Session

Please choose from the following 3 options to join a teletherapy session that will work best for you and your loved ones.  A front desk associate will provide you with your assigned therapist's login information for all 3 options during the intake process.

From Chrome Browser:

1)On any device, type your therapist's URL into a Chrome Browser 

2)On the next screen, click “Join Now” to begin the session

From Meet App - Android & Apple compatible:

1)Download the free Google Hangout/Meet App (Not the Google Hangout App!)

2)Once you open the app, click the button that says “Meeting Code” 

3)Enter your therapist’s specific meeting ID code

4)Then click “Join” to begin session

Dial In:

1)Call your assigned therapist's number

2)Once instructed to do so, please enter your assigned therapist's code and press pound. 

3) Session will begin shortly *This option does not include video, only audio


For assistance, contact us at (714) 828-2000 or

prior to your appointment.

If there is a technical interruption during session and you are disconnected from the session and your therapist it is recommended that you stay logged in for at least 5 minutes in order for your therapist to attempt to reconnect with you. If the technical disruption occurs on your end please attempt to log back in using 1 of the 3 options. If, after 5 minutes you are unable to reconnect to your therapist through Google Meet then please message your therapist through OhMD.

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