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Success Story

In November 2003, Jim Shand came to Gerry House for treatment. He was in bad shape both physically and mentally: not able to walk without a cane, had lost all his teeth, and hadn’t worked in 13 years.  Also, he was going through drug court and faced a 3-year prison sentence because of his addiction to methamphetamine. In treatment at Gerry House, Jim followed staff’s guidance and got a sponsor. Through the combination of using cognitive tools to manage difficulties and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Jim made many changes in his life.

He obtained his GED and in August 2013, became a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.  He now works part-time at Gerry House and maintains full-time employment in the community.  He has many commitments in AA and is an incredible staff member at Gerry House because he understands what it takes to get through the program.  He’s genuine and dedicated to the clients, firm but caring, and maintains great boundaries, believing wholeheartedly in the program.  Straight Talk thanks Jim for all his hard work and for being an inspiration to us all.


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